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A Private Limited Company Manufacturing Building Insulation & Light Weight Filling Materials For Sale

Singaperumal Koil, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


(Furniture / Fixtures and Inventory / Stock included)

Revenue: INR 5m & above

Cash Flow: INR 500k to 1m

Business Description


HEMALITE PRODUCTS (P) LTD was formed in April 2005 with Mr. R GOPALAN and Mrs. SASIKALA GOPALAN as Directors and it is a third generation company and the product has been in the Market from 1960 on wards by the Director R. GOPALAN’s Grand Father (A Geologist)and Father and after their period this company was formed.

What is HEMALITE: Hemalite is the brand Name of a Mineral Known as “VERMICULITE”, a feather-weight, granular, inorganic mineral product, the simplest is that it is a mica-like mineral, that expands when heated in a furnace at about 1000 degree C and this intense heat does not burn or even char the mineral and it turns water molecules trapped between the layers into steam which forces the layers apart expanding the individual granules to 12 times their original size, and larger and Internationally called as Ex-foliated Vermiculite. As each granule expands, it traps within itself thousands of dead air cells. These provide part of the insulation value/Light Weightiness of Hemalite.

Hemalite Chemically it is known as hydrated magnesium-aluminum-iron silicate light as cork, non-inflammable, incombustible and absolutely fire-proof like asbestos, rot-proof, mould proof, vermin-proof, non-abrasive, non-irritant, odourless, sterile and chemically inert. It is extensively used all over the world for all kinds of insulation against heat, cold, sound and electricity, either alone as a loose fill where it can be used as such, or, in combination with other materials like cement, gypsum, asphalt, bitumen or other binding medium.

Hemalite has been used for Roof Insulation and for light weight filling for the past 50 years and has given absolute satisfaction. Laid in situ over structural concrete provides a monolithic surface. The use of brickbat lime mortar can be completely eliminated. So, by using Hemalite Light Weight Concrete the load on the concrete slab or other roof deck is reduced enormously as it weights only a fraction of the weight of brickbat lime mortar. Hemalite can also be laid to the required slope and it is the lightest among light-weight aggregates.

The product has achieved this high reach in the construction industry without any major advertisements. May be a proper canalizing ‘by way of dealers / distributors, backed with media advertisements. The product can reach great heights in a short period.

Business Categories - Ex-Foliated Vermiculite,Raw Vermiculite / Manufacturers and Supply.and the Raw Material Purchased from Mysore & Gudur and has a capacity to Manufacturing 12000 bags of HEMALITE - vermiculite per month with Enough laborers and supply by our Own Vehicle.

Property Details


4000 Sq Ft

Years Established:


Property Type:


Other Details

Business Location:

Factory on the out Skirts of CHENNAI TAMILNADU


Almost running as a Monoploy

Expansion Potential:


Operation Details




Reason For Selling:

Settling in US

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