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Listing ID: 1430530

80% Equity of Ltd Company with 90 Hectares Land Available For Sale

Village Andhale in Mulshi Taluka, Pune, Maharashtra, India


(Real Estate Included)

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Business Description

The company owns 223 acres (90.3 hectare) land 25 KM from Pune city, Maharashtra (India) on the west side of Pune. Purchased under BTAL act sec 63 1A(ii) after obtaining the permission of Development Commissioner of Industries (DIC) Mumbai, for plantation of Ayurvedic medicinal trees. The land has over 300000 medicinal plants of about 60 different types. The land permission is also covered under section 44A of MLRC 1966.

The land is on the hill slopes of Sahyadriat about 100 m above local village level, excellent for various applications covered under the referred sections of BTAL act / MLRC 1966 sec 44A. Thus the land can also be used for various other applications like tourism, development of special townships, hill station, villas, bungalows, row houses, resorts & related activities etc.

Property Details


223 acres

Years Established:


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Other Details

Business Location:

The western ghats

Premise Details:

Our Farm Land at Andhale, Tal Mulsi Distr Pune. Located at about 40 KM from the Pune to the north west in Andhale is 223 acres single belt. The farm land has 60 original medicinal herbs as habitats. The company is interested to associate with the end user in suitable manner to completely utilise this land for Organic Farming on long term basis. Contract Farming, Lease Farming. We own 225 aces farm land as described below This already has about 60 habitats of medicinal plants . The land has been exclusively using organic farming practices for the last 50 years. We intent to continue the same practice as a policy. Philosophy: - To conserve the extinct medicinal and aromatic plants through the organic farming & use of latest techniques - like tissue culture farming. To promote the cultivation of wild medicinal plants. To conserve the Indian flora and fauna through maintaining the habitat. To dry and store the harvest using natural means. Land: 90 hectors of land favorable for cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants in their natural habitat of Sahyadri- Western Ghat range is owned by us. Site is about 40 Km from Pune Soil: Laterite soil. pH range = 6.62 to 7.89, soil depth up to 1.5 to 2 m Source of water: There are three water sources 1st from the dam of Maharashtra Govt. , 2nd from storage besides the river and 3rd from the natural lake situated in the middle strata. Electricity: Electric connection from M.S.E.B. 3 phase supply is available in the nearby area which is available for use. Climatic Conditions: Climate is favourable for cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants. Already about 60 habitats exists as listed below. Avg. Temp: 30 degree. C .(peak 42 ºC lowest 20 ºC) Average rain fall: 100 – 200 CMS. Dew: Moderate dew fall. Wind Erosion: Wind erosion is not detected because this is surrounded by 3 sides (north, east, west.) so no need of shelterbelt.



Expansion Potential:

Land available in nearby area

Operation Details



Trading Hours:

9 to 14 Hrs


Reason For Selling:

Succession issue and old age (77years ) of the promoter

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